Protect Your Body From Daily Stress with Linda Hall

Protect Your Body From Daily Stress | Guided Meditations for relaxation & stress relief MP3

This ten-day micro-learning course with Linda Hall shows you how to relax deeply and feel more relaxed within yourself generally to help you manage stress and anxiety better. Each short, easy-to-digest session, designed to fit into your busy day, combines coaching and guided instruction with simple daily relaxation practice to bring about lasting change.

Overall playing time – 2 hours 20 mins

Suitable for beginners and advanced.

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Relaxation is a natural medicine with far-reaching health benefits
Relaxation is a natural medicine with far-reaching health benefits. It restores your mental balance and allows your body to repair and replenish itself, strengthens your immune function, improves your self-worth and confidence and increases your sense of having control of your life. Being able to relax is essential for maintaining your health and well-being, but the constant pressures and technology over-whelm of 21st Century life can make it hard to relax – it’s as if we forget how to.

Overcome common blocks to relaxation
Protect Your Body From Daily Stress shows that relaxation is a process that involves the whole of you. It looks at the most common blocks to relaxation and how to overcome them. You’ll learn the role your autonomic nervous system plays in relaxation and how your thoughts and feelings either assist or inhibit relaxation. You’ll discover how the body becomes habituated to the ‘stress state’ and learn simple ways to break old habits that have been preventing you from being able to relax fully.

Feel more relaxed in your everyday life
An exciting feature of this course are the daily mindfulness exercises section at the end of each session to re-train your mind and body to feel more relaxed generally in your everyday life.


Day One: The simple ‘here and now’ (14 min)
The mind/body connection and how to break the stress cycle.

Day Two: Lowering your inner intensity (14 min)
Quietening the ‘stress response’.

Day Three: Letting go of ‘doing’ (13 min 20 sec)
Letting go of the incessant need ‘to do’.

Day Four: Allowing everything to just be (12 min)
Allowing things to be as they are.

Day Five: Grounding for relaxation (12 min 30 sec)
Grounding for releasing stress and restoring balance.

Day Six: Breathing for relaxation (15 min 28 sec)
Using the breath to calm the mind and relax the body.

Day Seven: Giving yourself permission to rest (14 min 36 sec)
Giving yourself permission to rest in the moment.

Day Eight: Creating more space (14 min 33 sec)
Increasing your sense of personal space.

Day Nine: Self-compassion (14 min 10 sec)
Being kinder to yourself supports relaxation

Day Ten: Putting it all together (15 min 10 sec)
Putting everything together you’ve learnt in this course.

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