Relaxation Meditation – Video Meditation 11

Getting The Bigger Picture

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Linda, I am just beginning the journey of meditation after learning I have a chronic illness. I am enjoying your videos very much and hope that they will help me come to terms with and accept my situation and even possibly help me to improve my symptoms especially the anxiety I have experienced after being diagnosed. Thank you for your wonderful soothing videos and the care you put into them! I am looking forward to learning a great deal about meditation and taking this road to learning more about myself! Thank you for your gift !!


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Hello, Linda. I just wanted to say how much I have learned, and enjoyed listening to/using, your Guided Meditation videos. I am very new to all this, but have found your videos are just brilliant. Thank you so very much! My partner, who is a very experienced meditator tells me she yet hasn’t heard of you -but I am putting her right on that as I speak… I have trawled through so many videos etc and I find your calming words and technique really excellent for me, a mere beginner. It’s also really good to have a woman ‘speaking’ to me over the guided meditation … seems more connected, the voice resonates better somehow. So anyway, you have certainly made a new fan! Do you offer any retreats or similar?
Many thanks – I much appreciate your work, it has helped me so very much.
Best wishes


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