Meditation Courses

Protect Your Body From Daily Stress with Linda Hall

Protect Your Body From Daily Stress | Guided Meditations for deep relaxation, managing stress & anxiety MP3

Learn the secrets to deep relaxation and how to feel relaxed in your day-to-day life.

This ten-day micro-learning course with Linda Hall shows you how to relax deeply and feel more relaxed within yourself generally so you can manage stress and anxiety better. Each short, easy-to-digest session, designed to fit into your busy day, combines coaching and guided instruction with simple daily relaxation practice to bring about lasting change.

Suitable for all levels: beginners and advanced.

£16.99 for MP3 download

Step Into Meditation – The Foundation Course

Meditation Course CD | How to Meditate | Meditation Techniques

Learn how to meditate from the comfort of your own home with our eight step audio meditation course. A contemporary approach using mindfulness meditation techniques to help you manage life’s everyday stresses.

A soundly constructed and easy to use complete meditation course for beginners.

CD set includes free DVD – Meditations For Everyday Life Free DVD

£28.99 + P&P
£21.99 for MP3 download

Conscious Process – Support Programme for Chronic Illness with Linda Hall

Conscious Process | Support Programme for ME Chronic Fatigue

If you have M.E. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia or other chronic illness this audio programme shows you how to manage your symptoms and support your recovery.

Learn how to put your body in the optimum state for healing through gentle coaching, guided meditations and simple day-to-day practices.

Available in MP3 download only – Download the First Four Sessions Free

£29.99 for complete 12 week course
£10.99 for each of 3 separate packages