Believe in Yourself – Guided Meditations for Self-Esteem with Linda Hall

Believe in Yourself | Guided Visualizations for self-esteem and self-belief MP3

Guided Visualizations to raise self-esteem and develop self-belief.

Four powerful guided meditations using beautiful natural imagery to build inner confidence. Allow a healing waterfall to wash away all self-doubt and restore your sense of self. Enjoy wearing a fabulous coat of gorgeous colours woven from life force itself to enhance your potential. Experience the support of your very own throne to strengthen and empower you. And be taken on a journey of transformation through a rainbow walk. These gentle visualizations will move and uplift you and stay with you long after you’ve listened to them.

Also includes breath awareness, mindfulness and positive affirmations.

Overall playing time – 109 mins

Suitable for beginners and advanced.

Believe in Yourself Complete Collection

Complete Collection £12.99

Single 1

The Healing Waterfall: (20:28 mins)
Restore your sense of self and allow a healing waterfall to wash away all self-doubt.

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Single 2

The Coat of Many Colours: (25:56 mins)
Enhance your positive potential with a coat of gorgeous colours woven from life force itself.

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Single 3

The Throne:
(28:20 mins)
Empower yourself with your very own throne created by the wisdom of the universe.

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Single 4

The Rainbow Walk : (34:06 mins)
Transform yourself through the power of vibrational colour healing on a rainbow walk.

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Believe In Yourself brings together some of Linda’s most powerful and moving guided visualizations created over the past fifteen years as a guided meditation facilitator and meditation teacher. A recurring theme in all her work is the importance of developing self-esteem and strengthening self-worth to support health and well-being.

One of the biggest causes of stress in today’s competitive world is low self-esteem – in the work place, significant relationships and in the social arena generally Low self-esteem can cripple self-confidence, stifle creativity and block opportunities, making it hard to achieve personal fulfilment and peace of mind. Each of us has the right to believe in ourselves and to feel validated. There may be a number of root causes to low self-belief and although we can’t change the past, we can change our perception of ourselves in the present through engaging with enriching, positive experiences that strengthen our sense of self and build our self-esteem.

Positive visualization and affirmations are recognized by contemporary psychology to bring about desired shifts in how we feel about ourselves and have been used for thousands of years in a wide range of meditation traditions and cultures.


Track 1 – The Healing Waterfall (Restore) (20:28 mins)
Track 2 – The Coat of Many Colours (Positive Potential) (25:56 mins)
Track 3 – The Throne (Empower) (28:20 mins)
Track 4 – The Rainbow Walk (Transform) (34:06 mins)

Music – “The Lightwalkers, All Loving Angel and Celestial Light” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Licensed by Enlightened Audio