Manifesting Abundance – Harness the Power of Manifestation with Linda Hall

Manifesting Abundance | Harness the Power of Manifestation MP3

Guided Visualizations to empower and transform your life.

Learn how to harness the natural Law of Attraction. These uplifting and powerful guided visualizations for creating abundance, show you how to train your mind to manifest what you truly want to achieve your life. Each meditation uses visualization, positive imagery, breath awareness, mindfulness and positive affirmations.

Overall playing time – 81 mins

Suitable for beginners and advanced.

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Manifesting Abundance draws on the power of positive thinking to create what you truly want in your life. Each of us has the power to turn our lives around for the better, whether it’s in our health, happiness, well-being or success. It can be said that we achieve what we believe we are capable of achieving. Yet most of us become conditioned, in some way or another, to believe that we are unable or unlikely to achieve anything better than our given lot. The trouble is, what we habitually think and envisage gets hardwired into our body’s network of neural pathways and cellular memory. At a subconscious level, we literally train ourselves how to be and what to expect! The good news is that we all naturally possess something amazing called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the capacity to produce an almost infinite number of neural pathways in our lifetime. This means we are capable of developing new, more useful thinking and behavioural habits and don’t have to be limited by outgrown and negative thoughts and beliefs.

Positive visualization and affirmations are widely recognized by contemporary psychology and orthodox medicine as powerful ways to change thinking and behavioural habits and to support health and well-being generally. Seen as valuable self-help tools, they are used in the treatment of a wide range of conditions. The practices are also an integral part of the training of Olympic athletes to improve their performance and enhance their success.
Linda Hall combines her training in neuro-linguistic-programming and clinical hypnotherapy with her years of experience as a meditation teacher, healer and personal development coach to bring you these special meditations. She, herself used these practices to help her manage and recover from a distressing and chronic period of ill-health some years ago.


Track 1 – How You Would Like To Be (26:15 mins)
Track 2 – Manifest Your Wishes, Hopes and Dreams (24:45 mins)
Track 3 – Enhancing Your Powers to Manifest (30:34 mins)

Music – “Breathing Light, Astral Voices, The Shores of Eternity” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke
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