Trusting with Linda Hall

Personal development meditations – How to be confident & believe in yourself

Personal Development Meditation CD | How to be Confident CD

Trusting helps you in your personal development. When you have lost faith or belief in the future this meditation cd will coach you in how to be confident, learning to trust again. Gentle confidence building exercises teach you how to stop negative thoughts, raise self esteem and develop coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety.

Overall playing time – 74 mins

Suitable for beginners and advanced.

MP3 download available in 2 formats – Vocal with Music or Vocal Only

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We all experience a loss of trust at some point in our lives – around work, relationships or the future. Most importantly, we may lose trust in ourselves. The reassuring confidence coaching meditations in the Trusting CD teach you how to be confident and believe in yourself.This powerful personal development CD is about:

  • Building self esteem
  • How to be confident
  • How to stop negative thoughts

We need to be able to trust in ourselves, our endeavours and in the future if we are to have a full, rewarding and happy life. Ideally, the ability to trust develops naturally in early childhood, but if the right environment wasn’t there for this to happen or if our ability to trust has been ‘knocked’ through our experiences in later life, we may find it hard to trust.  These supportive and empowering meditations aim to restore the ability to trust.


Track 1 – Introduction (2:43 min)
Track 2 – Steadiness (16:45 min)
Track 3 – Earth Below, Sky Above (17:27 min)
Track 4 – The Tree (18:00 min)
Track 5 – Wise Witness (18:59 min)

Music – “Daydreams, Adrift, and In Spiritus” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke
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*Please note that ‘Trusting’ is also available at a special bundle price in our compilation set Meditations For Personal Development