Harness your Power to Heal Yourself with Linda Hall

Your Self-Healing Power | Guided Visualizations for Self-Healing MP3

Guided Visualizations to empower and transform your life

Learn how to harness natural Healing Techniques. These uplifting and powerful guided visualizations for self-healing, show you how to use your mind and your senses to nourish and enhance your Life Force energy. Each meditation uses visualization, positive imagery, breath awareness, mindfulness and positive affirmations.

Overall playing time – 84 mins

Suitable for beginners and advanced

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Your Self-Healing Power shows you how to use the power of your mind, breath and senses to activate your body’s own Life Force Energy and support the natural process of healing. These visualizations are designed to trigger the ‘Relaxation Response’ of your Parasympathetic Nervous System (your body’s restore, repair and heal mode). They also aim to help clear negative energy and attune your Life Force to a more balanced, harmonious frequency to support your health and well-being. Each track focuses on a different healing modality: colour healing, light energy healing, and loving kindness healing.

Colour healing uses the natural frequencies found in colour shown to have beneficial healing effects on the body and mind. Light energy healing uses the minds’ ability to harness Universal Life Force Energy and channel it as light to stimulate the process of healing. Loving kindness healing draws on the power of love to heal and restore emotional well-being.

Linda Hall brings twenty-five years’ experience as a subtle energy healer, meditation teacher and personal development coach to this special collection of meditations.


Track 1 – The Healing Power of Colour (25:31 mins)
Track 2 – The Healing Power of Light (24:59 mins)
Track 3 – The Healing Power of Love (32:12 mins)

Music – “April Sky, Big Blue” by Silencio Music & “In The Wake Of A Dream” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Licensed by Enlightened Audio