Personal Development and Coaching

In The Centre of Everything

Low self esteem and lack of self-acceptance is epidemic in our driven, high achieving 21st Century society. To begin to address it, we must first acknowledge the need to get to know, respect and like ourselves better. In this excerpt from her book ‘Process’ Linda Hall recounts a watershed moment on her own journey of learning to love and accept herself.

Fun Can Heal You – 3 Real Live Stories

Fun, like relaxation can often be seen as an indulgence nowadays rather than an essential element to a healthy, fulfilling life. Fun Expert Life Coach, Thea Anderson gives three moving and inspiring real-life stories about how fun has the power to heal body, mind and soul.

How To Make The Most Of Your Potential And Live A More Fulfilling Life

Identifying achievable, step-by-step goals and developing sound strategies to help overcome potential hurdles can be a powerful way to build a happier and more fulfilling life. Carole Deighton, experienced Personal and Professional Development Coach explains how working with your strengths will make the most of your potential.

How to Deal with Stress – Cultivating the Art of Happiness

Happiness and general well-being has as much to do with choice as it has to do with circumstance. Did you know that the ability to feel good in yourself is accumulative and the more you do it the better you’ll get at it?  Learn how feeling better in yourself and about yourself can become second nature to you.

Seven Good Reasons to Explore Chakra Psychology

Learning about the Hindu chakra System and exploring your own chakras can be a fascinating, rewarding and healing journey. Although there’s a wealth of information available, it’s not necessary to be ‘knowledgeable’ about this rich subject to benefit. Delcia McNeil, Psychotherapist, Subtle Energy Healer and Artist takes you through each chakra one by one.

What’s The Relationship Between Stress Management And Personal Development?

Learning to manage stress successfully entails addressing deep seated thinking and behaviour patterns, and goes beyond mere relaxation techniques. Learn ten things you can do to help reduce stress and work on your self-development at the same time.

Trust and the Chakras

The ancient Hindu Chakra System provides a fascinating model for human growth and development which is recognised by contemporary Western psychology as a way to work on the self. In this article Delcia McNeil, psychotherapist, subtle energy healer and artist, looks at the chakras in relation to the ability to develop trust.

Trusting Your Trapeze Will Be There When You Leap

Trust is one of the essential elements in running a successful business. Business Coach and Counsellor, Jane Duncan Rogers looks at what needs to be in place for us to be able to trust. This sometimes entails doing things differently then taking one step at a time.