7 Day Sleep Course with Linda Hall

Learn the secrets to a better night’s sleep

Includes Music Brainwave Entrainment Technology

7 Day Sleep Course | Deep Relaxation Techniques for Sleep MP3

Do you regularly find it difficult to fall asleep and sometimes suffer from insomnia?
Do you wake exhausted every morning and feel you never get enough sleep?
If this is true for you, this course can help you.
Take just 15 minutes each day to learn how to restore healthy sleeping patterns and get a sound nights’ sleep.

Suitable for all levels, beginners and advanced.

Overall playing time – 1 hour 45 min

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This micro-learning course takes a step-by-step, holistic approach to sleep. Each fifteen-minute session looks at the most common causes of sleep disturbance, providing simple, clear guidance on how to re-establish healthy sleep patterns. The course shows you how to prepare for a good night’s sleep through helping you manage stress levels during the day and providing practical advice on good sleep hygiene before bedtime.

You will learn how to use your attention, attitude and breathing to help you fall asleep naturally and deeply. Each session is a combination of gentle coaching followed by a relaxation sleep meditation. The soothing background music contains binaural tones to effortlessly take your brainwaves into Delta sleep state.

Please note that brainwave entrainment music requires the use of headphones, so that each ear receives a specific frequency. You can listen through regular speakers but the binaural tones will not be as effective.

To find out about Brainwave Entrainment Technology click here.


Day One:
Learn how to invest in a good night’s sleep through managing your stress levels and taking better care of yourself during the day. Explore the practice of being present to help you prepare for sleep.
Day Two:
Learn how to practice good sleep hygiene before bedtime to put your body and mind in the optimum state for sleep. Explore self-care practices that naturally prepare the body for sleep.
Day Three:
Learn the most conducive mental attitudes for sleep. Explore the practice of giving yourself permission to switch off from the day.
Day Four:
Learn how your attitude towards falling asleep affects your ability to do so. Explore the practice of acceptance.
Day Five:
Learn how your relationship with yourself can affect your sleep. Explore self-soothing practices.
Day Six:
Learn how needing to control everything can make it harder to fall sleep. Explore the practice of trusting that sleep will come.
Day Seven:
In this session, we draw together all that you’ve learnt in the past seven days to help you train your mind and body to fall asleep naturally and deeply.

Music – “Letting Go” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke
Licensed by RoyaltyFreeMeditationMusic.com