Walking Meditation with Nature

Walk slowly and consciously – aware of the sensation of your footfall and the contact your feet make with the ground.

Allow yourself to do the following in your own time:

Become aware of the movement of your body as you walk – allow any ‘holding’ in your shoulders, arms, legs and belly to begin to soften

Become more aware of your surroundings – look around you, close up and in the distance, enjoy the view

Open your senses to take in and enjoy the sounds, scents and sensations around you, including the air on your face and body. Touch a tree or a leaf, stoop to admire a flower as you pass through nature softly

Become aware of the ebb and flow of your breath – notice you are breathing in and out from this beautiful space around you, enjoy breathing from this space
Notice you and the natural world around you are here, together in this moment – sharing this moment

Notice if anything stands in the way of your being fully present/ enjoying this moment with nature, and if it’s a distracting thought, just let your attachment to it go. If it’s a feeling or sensation, acknowledge it with respect and stay with it for a moment or two with an attitude of kindness. It may feel right to breathe into it and let it soften. Let yourself know that it’s ok to feel this way in this moment.

Return to your connection with the natural world around you allowing your senses to open to help you naturally commune with nature. Continue to move slowly, pause every now and then if you wish.

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