Allow yourself to be drawn to somewhere that feels peaceful and ‘right’ for you where you can sit down or lie comfortably without being disturbed.

Make yourself comfortable and warm, and when you are ready:

Become aware of the steady ground/support beneath your body – surrender your full weight to it.

Allow what your body has brought with it begin to flow down and away into the ground. Let the same thing happen with your mind.

Take a while to settle in to your surroundings (coming down from your thoughts and opening your senses to connect with your surroundings will allow this to happen naturally). Explore and enjoy the sensation of the air, scents, natural sounds, light and shade around you.

In your own time allow yourself to notice some aspect of your natural surroundings (it may be a blade of grass, a leaf, stone, flower, tree or horizon). Take some time to explore its natural beauty with your eyes and wonder at its simplicity or complexity.

As you do so, open your heart to feel loving kindness towards what you are observing. Enjoy bathing the object of your observation with loving kindness. As you do so, notice the enhanced connection between you and what you are observing.

Allow yourself to feel thankful for this special connection.

In your own time let something else that you feel thankful for in your life come to mind and give thanks for that. Enjoy sending out thanks to the universe.

Allow yourself to rest in nature for a while.

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