Allow your eyes to comfortably close
Let them soften
Give your eyes permission to rest
Allow the same to happen with your mind
Let your mind soften and sit back
Give your mind permission to rest

And, come down into your body
Feel its weight supported by the surface beneath you
And soften into this support
Give your body permission to rest

Draw yourself back from where you lay scattered
Come back to the present moment – here
Give all of you permission to rest

Allow your shoulders and belly to soften
And breathe out what you’ve been holding
Let it flow out and away

Become aware of your breath
Notice the sensation of air as it enters
Goes deeper
And leaves again
Let it ebb and flow naturally

Notice how your breath connects you to the space around you
As you breathe in from it
And breathe out again into it

Become aware of the sounds around you // let them be there
Notice the light and shade through your closed eyelids // let it be there
Feel the air on the surface of your body
Let it be there
Sense the larger space outside
The horizons stretching around you
The height of sky above you
Let it all be there

Sit back into the present moment
Supported by the surface beneath you
Breathing with the space around you
Allow yourself to ‘just be’ for a while

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