Meditations for Everyday Life Linda Hall

This DVD collection of short meditations shows techniques that are easy to use in everyday life. Each of the six meditations gives you an essential life skill to help you think better and feel better.

Overall playing time – 54 mins

Suitable for beginners and advanced.

Only available as a free giveaway with all CD purchases of Step into Meditation, The Foundation Course

This collection of meditations explores some fundamental things that can often be hard to do in day-to-day life, such as: giving yourself permission to rest instead of constantly ‘doing’; being in the present rather than living in the future or the past; and treating yourself with simple respect and kindness instead of constantly pushing yourself and being self-critical. Each of the six meditations focus on helping you develop positive changes in the way you think, feel and behave in your life.

“Linda’s manner and voice are beautifully calming and she is so helpful not only about meditation but also how it can be used to lower stress in daily life. I would recommend these sessions to anybody.”Mary, Swindon

“I know that the meditation has put me in a place of peace and contentment. Thank you Linda, you have taught me how to meditate as I can and not as I can’t!”Pauline, London


1 Grounding (8.28 min)
2 Softening and Resting (9.49 min)
3 Releasing (9.05 min)
4 The Present Moment (7.17 min)
5 Breathing (10.41 min)
6 Loving Kindness (9.06 min)