Step Into Meditation – The Foundation Course

A complete meditation course – Learn how to meditate with Linda Hall

Meditation Course CD | How to Meditate | Meditation Techniques

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This audio meditation course teaches you how to meditate in eight steps with simple, easy to follow meditation techniques. It includes a combination of theory, guided meditation instruction and day-to-day awareness practice and has a contemporary, down-to-earth approach that is not aligned with any particular religion.

Overall playing time – 3 hours 20 mins

Suitable for beginners


Step Into Meditation – The Foundation Course takes a fresh look at meditation, brings it out of the traditional doctrine based paradigm and moves it into the field of body/mind awareness and psychology. Breaking things down into easy to understand modules, it walks you through the process of meditation – helping you understand what happens during meditation and how to enter a meditative state easily.

A special feature of this meditation course is that it teaches you how to incorporate mindfulness meditation techniques into day-to-day living as a set of powerful self-help tools. Showing tried and tested ways to manage stress levels and how to feel more at one with yourself and your life.

This meditation course on three CDs takes you step-by-step through the process of meditation and puts it into the context of everyday life. It is a journey of self-discovery that is both enriching and informative Linda Hall’s experience as a personal growth facilitator and meditation teacher lends this life-changing course a clear perspective and solid foundation. She brings a breadth of knowledge from working with people to help them realise their full potential, together with a genuine, engaging warmth and a lovely voice that makes learning how to meditate easy.


CD 1 (69:37 mins)

Step One – Approach and attitude; Softening the mind
Step Two – Grounding
Step Three – Resting and releasing
Step Four – Letting go of what draws you away from being present; Centering

CD 2 (77:55 mins)

Step Five – Being in the ‘here-and-now’
Step Six – Softening the breath
Step Seven – The wise witness (allowing things to be as they are)
Step Eight – Softening the heart (loving kindness)

CD 3 (57:28 mins)

Putting it all together
Setting up a regular practice