Support Programme for M.E. Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & other chronic illness with Linda Hall

Conscious Process | Support Programme for ME Chronic Fatigue

Learn how to manage the symptoms and stress of chronic illness through gentle coaching, mindfulness, guided meditations and easy to understand daily mind-body awareness practices. A Twelve Week Audio Programme to support the body’s natural healing process.

Overall playing time – 6 hours 53 mins

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Conscious Process
Complete Course


Conscious Process Part 1
Modules One to Four


Conscious Process Part 2
Modules Five to Eight


Conscious Process Part 3
Modules Nine to Twelve


If you suffer from fatigue, sensory overwhelm, ‘tired and wired’, busy mind, chronic tension, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia, or pain, this programme will teach you how to calm and re-balance your body and mind and help you to regain a sense of inner well-being.

You’ll learn the role the Autonomic Nervous System plays in the management of symptoms, and will be taught self-soothing techniques to activate your body’s natural healing mechanisms. You’ll learn what is likely to increase your symptoms, what you can do to lower them, and how to put your body in the ‘optimum state for healing’.

The programme will help you develop the emotional and psychological resources needed to manage your condition on a day-to-day basis, and will under-pin your long term recovery. Whatever your condition and level of mobility, the approach of this course supports you as an individual. By the end of the programme, you’ll have gained a set of solid self-help tools to support your health and well-being. You will also have learnt how to engage with yourself and life in a more mindful and compassionate way to help you feel more fulfilled and at ease with yourself.
The programme takes into account the cognitive impairment and hypersensitivity that can often occur through illness. All information is therefore presented slowly, calmly and clearly and each of the twelve modules can be completed at your own pace. As an optional learning aide, we’ve included a PDF document of the content in each module for you to print and then read at your own pace, should you wish, to act as a reminder of what you’ve learnt and help you digest the information more easily. We’ve also provided a Frequently Asked Questions PDF document.

Meditation Teacher, Personal Development Coach and Psychology Practitioner Linda Hall, had M.E. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, herself, for almost a decade. Since her recovery she has taught hundreds of patients at The Optimum Health Clinic, an award winning UK clinic specialising in M.E. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

DISCLAIMER: This programme does not make any claims to treat or clinically cure a specific condition. It is designed to be part of a holistic approach to health-care, including nutrition and other appropriate specialist support.


INTRODUCTION (5:07 mins)
Linda welcomes you and explains how to get the most out of the programme

WEEK ONE – The First Steps to Self-Calm (30:23 mins)
Learn how lowering stress levels decreases symptoms and allows the body to heal

WEEK TWO – Grounding the Body and Mind (28:54 mins)
The practice of ‘grounding’, and how it helps break the stress cycle

WEEK THREE – Resting and Releasing Stress (33:26 mins)
The process of relaxation, and what’s necessary to be able to relax.

WEEK FOUR – Breath Awareness for Relaxation (36:38 mins)
How to use your breath to release tension and calm your system

WEEK FIVE – Being in the Here and Now (29:59 mins)
The healing benefits of resting your mind and body in the simple ‘here and now’

WEEK SIX – Loving Kindness (30:39 mins)
The role of self-compassion in your health and well-being

WEEK SEVEN – Mindfulness and Getting the Bigger Picture (38:25 mins)
Learn to support yourself through the practice of mindfulness

WEEK EIGHT – Positive Thinking (37:13 mins)
Learn how the language you use affects your day-to-day symptoms and your health and well-being

WEEK NINE – Positive Imagery (60:08 mins)
Use the power of your imagination to support your health and well-being

WEEK TEN – Just Being (28:00 mins)
Nourish and support yourself by feeling your connection with the larger universe and allow yourself to ‘just be’

WEEK ELEVEN – Appreciating the Positives in Your Life (28:41 mins)
Discover how focusing on the positive things in your life benefits your health and well-being and helps you manage your symptoms

WEEK TWELVE – Moving Forward (35:43 mins)
Recovery is a process that involves every aspect of you: mental, physical and emotional. This last module draws everything together and supports you to move forward after the programme has finished

Music – “In Spiritus” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke
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