Stop with the Multitasking!

Extract from the article by Molly Gunn first published in Red Magazine, May 2012. Molly Gunn outlines how practising simple Resourcefulness Meditation techniques taught by Linda Hall helped her to stop a life time’s habit of multitasking.

How Meditation Is Changing With The Times

First published by Positive Health On-Line Magazine, June 2013

A look at the ways in which 21st Century technology has influenced meditation practices; how this has enabled meditation to be absorbed into popular culture; and the emergence of contemporary, non-religious hybrid forms of meditation.

Meditation for M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Related Conditions

First published by Positive Health On-Line Magazine, May 2009

Linda Hall outlines how meditation can provide a substantial support in the recovery from M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and in managing many of the sometimes bewildering symptoms of this much misunderstood condition.

Meditation – A Way of Life

First published by Positive Health On-Line Magazine, August 2004

Linda Hall’s outlines her personal journey with meditation which started in her late teens, eventually incorporated itself into her life, supported her through a difficult illness and helped her turn her health around. Her experience inspired her to teach meditation as an accessible, everyday life skill to help other people manage stress related conditions.